Lumifest ’23 — Overview

Final Program project (CÉGEP), we are tasked to create interactive and digital art installations that were presented at the St-Mark in the Old Longueuil in September 2023.

What it meant, personally.

I am the project owner, which means I am responsible for what my team and I deliver to the client. It is a heavy task, but I love taking the lead in projects. Being the project owner also gives me the opportunity to really go all-in in my creativity and the ability to share my artistic vision to the team.

As a project owner, I prone equality and I give the members an open-minded, creative workspace where they can give as many ideas as they like, as long as it is approved by the other members. I also am the creative director and visual designer («concepteur visuel»). Our project aims to invoke the dark, deep and powerful abyss that is the sea. To make the visuals more attractive to the public, we decided to add Sci-Fi elements with neon colours mixed with the heavy, mournful dark, marine blue with a touch of green undertones and particles. We also decided to make an instrument which will interact with the audio played and the visuals shown. 

This instrument is Arduino powered, consists of lasers and light sensors. We call it the LaserHarp. I programmed it using the Arduino IDE and TouchDesigner’s Serial node. It’s also interacting with a few elements, such as the lighting via DMX, some laser-mapping (using a LaserCube) and the projected visuals, majorly being handled by Clément Boucher. There is a total of 8 videos of 30 seconds each. I can proudly say that I made 3 of them on my own, and another 3 in collaboration with team members. I, along with my teammate William Andrade, were the resource persons when it came to 3D, Blender and visual consistency.‍

And this is how I managed to get my first professional opportunity, for the 2024 edition.