MAPP_MTL — Overview

After only 3 weeks in at UQÀM, Meryem Berbiche & Clément Boucher come to me about an impossible idea : participate at the «transformé» edition of MAPP_MTL, but it needs to be done in 4 days.

We came to the decision that we will do it, just for the fun of it.

And then we worked… a lot.

I came across a StableDiffusion API to communicate between the AI and TouchDesigner. This was our main idea.

With the transformation theme, we brainstormed to finally depict the life cycle of flowers, but that it needs to be done using feedback loops from TouchDesigner.

So we worked.

A lot.

A few hours after handing our video in, we learn that we are amongst the finalists.

So yeah, first time doing video mapping, and already competing against professionals that have been doing this for institutes like the SAT.

Made with love with Meryem Berbiche & Clément Boucher.

We finished 3rd in the public vote!

MAPP_MTL // 2023 //

Video Mapping, Programming, AI programming